Setting Up the Virtual Space

Before I get into each week and the lessons I have taught, I thought I would do a quick note on how I set up my virtual workspace (ie: organisation) for the kids to access their work.

So, this is what I have. 13 Windows desktops – spaced for two students on a desktop (occassionally three if we have a big class). I also have 12 iPads.

I decided to go with Google Drive. I set up Google Drive on each iPad as well as on each PC. I created a Media Arts account, and logged each device on to that.

(I have my own personal Google Drive. I shared the Media Arts root folder with my personal account, so I can have easy access to all of that, plus my own stuff as well. Down the line, I might have to get the school to pay for extra capacity, but for right now, it’s fine.)

Inside that Media Arts account on Google Drive, I have folders for each year level (Foundation, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6) and inside that a folder for each individal class.


When the students take photos or create videos on the iPad, we save them into Google Drive and into the approrpriate class folder. With the older kids (Grade 3 – Grade 6) I show them how to do this themselves, but with the younger kids, I get them to bring up their iPads and I do it for them.

For the computers, I have a Google Drive shortcut saved on the desktop, as well as saved in the Favourites folder list so they have easy access to it.

Right now, that’s how I’ve got it working. Will keep you updated to see how it pans out.

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