Week 2: Introducing Adobe Post

The Prep classes this week continued to play around with Adobe Voice, but the Grade 1-6s had a chance to use Adobe Post – a fantastic new app from Adobe that allows the user to quickly and easily create beautifully designed projects. This week is meant to be the introduction to Adobe Post, and for most classes that was the case. But with a curriculum day this week and the ANZAC day holiday next week, grades 1 and 6 had to jump straight into using Post for a project. I will go into that in next week’s post. For this week, I’ll just write about introducing Adobe Post.


I love this app because it really gives you stunning results with minimal effort. The app is mainly used by people to create posters for social media – hence the many templates available for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. In exploring the app, I wanted the students to have a lesson just to fool around with it and get some tricks and design tips from me as they did so.

To this end, what could be more fun than creating memes? I did say to the kids they could do anything they wanted – a poster to celebrate their favourite sporting hero or an inspirational motivational type poster. But most, understandably, went for memes.

I advised them to use Google first to save an image they wanted (one without any text already there) and use that as a basis for their poster. I realise that goes against what we should teach about creative commons, royalty free images, but I am bringing that up later in the unit.

I encouraged kids to look for the balance between text and image. You didn’t want the text to cover or block the focus of the image, but equally, you needed the text to be clear and readable. The background shapes you can apply helps with that. Here are some examples from the grades who did this – the grade 2, 3 5s and 6s.

Next week the students will be making posters again, but relating to what they are studying in Inquiry.

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