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Just a quick note to say that the ebook of this site – Confessions of a Media Arts Teacher – is on special right now! 20% off for the next two weeks. Now is the time to buy, if you’ve been on the fence about it, and have something fun and exciting to read over the Christmas holidays.

For the next two weeks, until Nov 13th, the Direct Download Paypal button on the main site will charge only $23.95 for the ebook instead of the regular $29.95 price.

So get in now, while you can!


The eBook is now out! Order it now!!!


You’ve followed the blog, now get the book! The time is ready and the time is now. The ultimate guide to teaching Media Arts is ready for purchase and download! This book is packed to the brim with lesson plans, instructional videos, assets to download and reflections along the way. This book will give you plenty of ideas to easily fill a year’s worth of curriculum.

Tried and tested on an iPad and on a Mac. Reading it on a PC has limited functionality. This is a known issue and is currently being worked on, and customers will be advised when we have the fix in place.

Click here to download a sample of the first 10 pages! (ePUB format – chapter links won’t work on the Sample) and click here to download a sample lesson (ePUB format)

The book is selling at a crazy price of $29.95! There are options to deliver the book that you can read in the information below.

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The book is an expansion of the posts from last year on this blog. A lot of effort has gone into creating content that can be viewed (many, many screencasts; picture galleries) and downloaded (lesson resources, PowerPoints etc) for most lessons covered in this book.

This is a lot more than just a copy of the blog.

A lot of reflection has gone into the writing of this. I’ve added notes here and there with tips on how to better teach the lessons if I feel it didn’t quite go the way I planned.

As you see in the picture above, all lessons come with notes on what grade level I taught the lesson at, what apps were used, and links to where to get those apps. Obviously prices will vary and were current as of the time of writing.

This book is for everyone! Firstly, whether you teach Primary or Secondary, many of these lessons can be adapted for older students. Secondly, as a parent, this is a way that you can get your kids interested in videography, photography and animation (if they aren’t already) by exposing them to some fantastic, creative and fun apps.

If there is enough interest, I already have ideas on a volume 2 which will provide links to the Victorian and Australian Curriculums, as well as detail how in my second year I have progressed from teaching all students from scratch, to now consolidating and developing their skills in Media Arts.


I hope you do choose to purchase this book. As I am a poor teacher, I beg that you don’t share the file with everyone and anyone. I can’t stop you, but obviously I’d like people to purchase the book I’ve put so many months into. Certainly, for a school, $29.95 is a bargain for any fledgling Media Arts teacher who desperately needs ideas for their classes.


The book can be delivered in two ways. If you choose DIRECT DOWNLOAD, I will email you with a link (via Dropbox) for you to download. But – be aware, with all the embedded media in the book – it clocks up at approx 1.6gb. That’s a lot for some people. So I’ve added, for an additional $12, the option for me to post out the book on a USB key anywhere in Australia. Price includes USB key and delivery. Overseas customers can contact me for delivery prices. I don’t intend to profit on this extra option, I just wanted to make the choice available.


Please be aware this is a huge, interactive experience. The book is full of videos, picture galleries and links to downloadable content via Dropbox. As such, not every ebook app plays nicely with such a huge book.

This book is recommended, and is tested primarily on an iPad that has a Dropbox app also installed and signed in. That way, you can access all my downloads directly on the device. If you are on a Mac, then iBooks works just as well. We are currently working on a known issue getting the book to work properly on a PC. Customers will be advised in the future when this fix has been worked out.

Please feel free to comment and give me some feedback on the book. I’d really appreciate it.

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Twirl Art using Photoshop CC (Grade 6)

Ideas come from many places. Some come directly from your own imagination, some are inspired by what others done, and some come from ripping off paying homage to others who have done exceptional work.

I hadĀ never heard of Twirl Art before. Apparently such a thing has existed before. Where I found about it from was from the exceptional Photoshop/Illustrator instructor Deke McClelland over at I will admit, and give proper credit, to Deke in that this project was virtually followed word for word, step for step the way he did it.

Twirl Art can start from virtually any photograph. Personally, I find a photo that has a nice mixture of bright and vibrant colours work best. Then, following the steps, you go from this:

to this:

Pretty amazing huh? It takes a lot of work, using a combination of various filters and blending modes in Photoshop to create the final result.

This is an advanced class, but I was really impressed how well the students were able to follow the instructions so well.

The video I have below does go through the steps quickly, I’ll admit. You may need to stop and start to take notes. As I said, it takes a lot of work, but I think the end result is something you could proudly print out professionally and have hanging on your wall.

At least I think so.

Here is the video that explains the process. And again, thanks to Deke for his wonderful project. You can find all of Deke’s videos over at atĀ