Colour Movies (Prep)

The idea for this actually came out of a course I did over at the Adobe Education Exchange. if you don’t know about the Adobe Education Exchange, hop on over after you finish reading this – it’s an amazing repository of lesson plans, resources and free courses you can take for all matter of Adobe tools and topics. This course was on Digital Creativity, and the idea is very simple. Choose a colour and go around filming short clips of places in your environment that are predominately that colour.

I thought this was ideal for the little guys who are learning how to make movies for the first time. I assigned every student a colour in their group and sent them out with an iPad to film short 4 second clips of objects with that colour. I made a note of which group had which iPad. This is where it helps to have numbered iPads!

Between that session and the next, I created a project for them using the fantastic Adobe Premiere Clip app. Since I knew which videos were which, this was the easiest way to do it. I bundled their videos into a project and named it with one of the student’s name and their class.

In the second session, the students learned how to find their project, open it up and group the clips in order. So, in one group, all the yellow clips were together, all the blues, all the reds, etc. We then looked at how to remove the audio from their videos and finally how to choose music that is supplied with the app that they could put on the movie.

In the final session, we looked at how to put titles in their movies. I wanted cards that had written the colour before the clips came on. I then showed them how to put credits at the end.

The movies came out beautifully. Yes, the students could be quite shakey when filming, but that will improve with time. The important thing is that they learned how movies are made up of clips, and about the role of music and titles in a movie project.

Here’s a video where I explain what we did.

And here are a couple of examples.